Tenacity is a community and raiding guild in World of Warcraft (an online massive multiplayer role playing game). And just like every other community trying to build a strong core of players, Tenacity was in need of an online identity. I designed their logo, online image and website. 

As the community grew, so did the website and the needs for social media and promotional material. 
One of the most fun projects I worked on for with Tenacity, was the bringing to life of Piglet, the cat mascot of the community. 

The players of Tenacity had set their minds on getting exclusive access to some unreleased game content and figured that, if they really wanted this beta-access to both Overwatch and Legion, they’d have to come up with something witty to draw the game developer’s attention and create something as a community that would truly impress them.

That’s when Piglet came to life. 

We launched 3 different visual campaigns featuring the ginger vigilante cat and a catchy hashtag #Doitforpiglet. 

  •  In Overwatch, Piglet joined the game as the latest character addition. His new role: mascot. He accompanied his allies on their journey, licking wounds healing them up. He could ressurrect instantly after falling in battle thanks to his nine lives and was a real master of escape. 
  •  In World of Warcraft, desperate times called for desperate measures. Piglet and his two demonic kittens Porkchop and Pigglesworth answered the call to arms and joined the cavalry in the fight against the demon legion. 
  •  As a community, we felt it would be a big joint effort that would really trigger an emotional response. We joined forces into creating a big poster, filled it to the brink with short anecdotes and personal reasons as to why they played World of Warcraft. Some of them for even more than a decade. Everyone had something to offer, whether that was funny, or witty, or creative, or sweet, or thoughtful.

And as our effort on the poster was rewarded by a Tweet from one of the famous Blizzard community managers, so did our other campaigns. The whole raid team of Tenacity got access to the closed beta testing, which is exactly what the campaign was designed for. Big success!


The Tenacity community expanded over different games and platforms, I designed and built several sub-websites and banners for different games; Elder scrolls, Archeage, Black Desert online, etc.


Cliche, Essential Accenture and Shadow Forest were all competitive teams throughout the history of World of Warcraft. 
I designed a variety of artwork, from logo to website, forum and raid progress imagery.