Dream-Led is one of the brands of TE-Group, the company for which I have been fulltime designing for over ten years. They are specialized in making quality LED lighting affordable for everyone. These LED solutions are suitable as home decoration for use both indoors and outdoors. The endless color possibilities create a nice atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, garden or on you patio!


– Logo, emblem and corporate identity
– Photography and enhancing with Photoshop
– Technical documentation
– Sheets, leaflets and user manuals
– Banners and digital publicity
– Box and sleeve packaging
– Responsive website design
– Merchandising and point of sale

Created artwork for following Dream-Led products: 

Dream-Led Pine Tree Wax Candle Set, Deco Wooden Tree Light, Deco Led Pine Tree, Deco Golden Ball String, Deco Frosted Ball Led String, Deco Copper Wire Led Tree, Deco Cluster Led String, Deco Bottle Led String, Led Mirror, Wireless Outdoor Floor Lamp, Cable Led Light, Table Led Light, Portable Speaker Led Light, Cactus Led Light, Wireless Charging Desk Light, Solar Flame Light, Speaker Desk Light, Aluminium Desk Light, Solar Path light, Deco Indoor Outdoor lights, Pure Laser Light, Streamliner floodlights with and without sensor 50, 30, 20 and 10W, RGB Floodlight, Outdoor and Indoor Floor Lamp, Leather Desk Light, TL-Lights, Solar Wall Light, RF Led Panels, Ceiling Sensor Light, Rechargeable Indoor Motion Lights, Rechargeable Outdoor Motion Lights, Garden Home Motion Light,  Laser Led Light, Outdoor RGB Led Strip, Led Ice Cube, Led Cubes and Balls different sizes, Led Tree, TV RGB Strip, SP100, Curved Desk Led Lamp, Desk Sensor Led Lamp, Colour Sensor Touch Lamp.